A bunch of words and ideas that provide useful context for understanding cryptocurrency.

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Economic Concepts

An ancient unit of trust lying at the foundation of our society. Typically fungible.

Internet Concepts

A computer bank in which data is stored and processed for the Internet.

Blockchain Concepts

A data management system that leverages a consensus protocol to process and save information across a distributed network.

Tokenonomic Concepts

A blockchain-based currency used to engage and reward participants of a certain network. The advantage of cryptocurrency comes from its programatic control, that is independent of any central authority.

Smart Contract Concepts

A decentralized application (Dapp) is an application that uses a blockchain network to store and process data. Nearly all Dapps today use smart contracts built on Ethereum and most of them are built for Defi (decentralized finance).

Governance Concepts

System management led by a single or concentrated minority.

Cultural Concepts

Social media transformed human connectivity, starting with early email lists, blogs and forums that became possible due to the personal computer.

Today, 58% of the world population and 80% of the US population use social media apps. The rise of the Passion Economy continues to accelerate as content creation becomes easier.

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