Permissioned DAOs

What is a permissioned DAO?

General Definition

Permissioned DAOs refer to systems that require some formal process by which new members must enter. This process results in the acceptance or rejection of the applicant.

Resource Management

Permissioned resource management uses smart contracts that require human interaction to execute, typically through a signature or voting mechanism.


Gnosis Multisig

A gnosis multisig is a way to collectively manage a vault of token assets. It allows for a simple "m of n" configuration of the signers to a particular vault to control the resources it owns. For an action to be taken by a multisig, there needs to be one member who initiates the action and then a sufficient amount of other members must sign the transaction to execute.

Moloch DAO

Moloch represents the most basic form of human coordination via smart contracts. The original system supported a plutocratic democracy that made decisions weighted by the amount of shares they owned. Members offer tribute in sweat equity or financial contribution and values aligned grantees are supported by the DAO financially via rage-quitting (ie. liquidating) their allocation. This system relies on trust and social consensus. Examples of Moloch DAOs often rely on a small percentage of the membership to vote on decisions made around resource governance.

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