What's this?

Square 1 is an independent content series built from a curiosity in understanding the present and future possibilities cryptocurrency enables for humans.

This documentation serves as a living foundation for concepts relevant to discussions happening in the community.

Who is this for?

This is a place for the crypto-novice and the crypto-native and includes content that covers introductory concepts as well as deep dives into the rabbit hole.

Many concepts will sound like a foreign language to newcomers. This GitBook is a resource to help define the jargon used in conversation, as well as document design patterns present in the ecosystem today.

What are token economies?

A token economy describes the way cry

These economies may be fungible or non-fungible (see: token concepts) and can be utilized in a variety of ways by network owners defined by the economic and social structures.

What do you mean by value?

Despite the portrayal by popular media, cryptocurrency is much more valuable than just the financial wealth one can generate through investment. This technology provides new possibilities for digital human coordination, and includes advancements in identity, collective ownership, and financial freedom.

The value we want to explore with Square 1 focuses on understanding the way token systems inspire human coordination and behavior.

Why Square I?

Square 1 developed out of a passion to understand the culture and applications emerging from the cryptocurrency.

The knowledge gathered at Square 1 spawns from people who have built their lives around cryptocurrency. This is emergent, living research.

Isn't crypto a scam?

Ummm, some token networks might be "scams" in the same way .com businesses were scams in the 90s. At the same time, there's no doubt that powerful global networks will continue to emerge within the crypto industry.

Is there a difference between a token economy and a DAO?

Yes, but not necessarily. A token economy is a liquid cryptocurrency network owned across various accounts. A DAO defines the framework by which that economy is managed and run by the network participants.

Some DAOs are liquid token economies owned by various addresses. Other DAOs are democratic banks controlled by certain accounts. Others leverage layers of both to manage the token economy and associated resources.

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