Off-chain Systems

DAO coordination outside of the blockchain.

Off-chain systems organically evolve with the maturity of the DAO or token network.

Participation in these systems is fluid and determined by leaders building the communication lines for the organization, ecosystem, product, or community.

Off-chain Coordination

Off-chain decisions for DAOs come from communication in chatrooms, forums, video conferences, social media, and polling systems. These forms of communication compliment on-chain decisions. Often groups within DAOs will come to consensus on a decision off-chain prior to on-chain voting.

Synchronous Communication

Synchronous communication largely happens in Zoom, as well as messaging platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Rocketchat.

Asynchronous Communication

Asynchronous communication refers to long-form thoughts and proposals used to detail the structure of the DAO system for new and existing members, as well as discuss and submit proposals for review by the community.


Polling systems include leveraging tools within social platforms like Twitter and Telegram. Recently, Snapshot Voting has been widely used as a free way to understand the wants of the token holders without committing an on-chain transaction.

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